Sports Radio Jacks [episode 6]

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Sports Radio Jacks [episode 6]

March 30, 2011

Sports Radio Jacks is a sports talk show hosted by Josh Lewenberg, Aaron Korolnek and J.M. Each week we will break down the biggest and most controversial issues in the widespread world of sports. With a focus on all of the major sports (and some of the obscure ones) as well as an infusion of pop culture we hope to educate and entertain the masses. Stay tuned each week for surprise guests, insight into the business that is sports broadcasting and more.

This week we are joined in studio by MLB Insider Shi Davidi of Rogers Sportsnet, as we preview the 2011 Toronto Blue Jays. We also discuss The Final Four, Jose Canseco, LeBron James, Jackie Chan, NHL hardware, and the NBA playoff race.

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  1. No I didn’t say that. That’s not me. Someone is using my name. I did like the show, but I didn’t say absolutely amazing.

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