The Journal – March 27, 2014 [s1]

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The Journal – March 27, 2014 [section 1]

Cast and Crew:

Hosts: Yianna Parra, Mary-Kate Luke
Producers: Anja Ellam, William Maltez, Marc Carnevale
Director: Ian McDowell
Technical Director: Amber Long
Floor Director: Marc Carnevale
Audio Mixer: Nicole Aliwalas
Assistant Director: Graciene San Jose
Web and Content Manager: Ivan Lapis
Cameras: Samantha Gesualdo, Patrick Quigley, Raquel Scarafile, Sandra Dadashlo
Teleprompter: Sam Chessman
Lighting: Brendan Hendry

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  1. Love the talent show on-demand. Hopefully when there is another one more students will want to take part. Enjoued the commentator

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