PopnJoe Podcast – episode 1

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PopnJoe Podcast – episode 1

On this week’s show — the first PopnJoe Podcast — hosts Joseph Narsa and Dario Passarelli cover several sports topics.

Here’s how the show is broken down:

  • A short clip from “It Doesn’t Really Matter” by Platinum Blonde kicks the show off.
  • Segment 1) Hosts Dario and Joe introduce themselves and give a bit of background as to who they are and why they love sports. Dario “Pop” Passarelli being older talks about enjoying sports with his kids, while Joe the younger talks about how it started with sitting on the couch watching the Leafs with his dad.
  • Segment 2) Our Main Topic of the week is the Superbowl. We break this down into talking about the media circus leading up to it including Marshawn Lynch’s “I am only here so I don’t get fined” comment.
  • Segment 3) We then discuss our picks for who will win the Superbowl and why. Both of our hearts are rooting for the Patriots but when it comes to our heads, Joseph believes the Seahawks will win and Dario believes the Patriots will win.
  • Segment 4) We talk about the struggles the Toronto Maple Leafs are having and what we believe they should be doing to correct it. Both of us believe that the team should be blown up and build through the draft. We talk about talented high contracts like Kessel (we would keep) and Phaneuf (we would try to trade) but we also delve into those players that will be free agents this year like Khadri, Franson and Bernier.
  • Segment 5) We touch on the Raptors in comparison to the Leafs and how the fans have bought into this team. People will spend money to see the Raptors because they play hard all the time and it doesn’t appear that the Leafs do. We also compare how good the chemistry is with the Raptors how they hang out together and play for each other, while again, this appears to be missing from the Leafs.
  • Segment 6) We end of the show on a rant discussing fans who through their jersey’s on to the ice. This will hopefully turn into a weekly segment “Pop’s Rant” and I state, contrary to popular opinion, that I am perfectly fine with people who throw their jersey on the ice as long as play is stopped. My rant is to those who say it is disrespectful and it shouldn’t be done. Those same people are also the ones who said that we shouldn’t boo the Leafs as it doesn’t help them get out of the hole they are in. My rant, if we shouldn’t boo and shouldn’t through our jersey’s, how else can we voice our disapproval?
  • We exit using a clip from “Bittersweet Symphony” by the Verve.