POPnJOE Podcast – episode 2

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POPnJOE Podcast – episode 2

Episode breakdown:

  • Segment 1: Hosts Joseph Narsa and Dario Passarelli kick off the show and introduce guest Duane Turner from podcast Sports from the Six. The full episode revolves around SuperBowl XLIX.
  • Segment 2: We start off discussing the interception that ended the game.  How shocked we were that the play was called instead of going to Marshall Lynch.  We debated whether it was the worst call in history or was the play call alright but just the worst result in history. We all felt that Pete Caroll out thought themselves and led to the passing play.
  • Segment 3: We then discuss if Marchall Lynch had fumbled, would there be such an outcry and the general concerns is that no.  We could live with your best player being stopped or fumbling, but we can’t stand choosing the wrong play and backfiring.
  • Segment 4: We then discuss Belichick and Brady’s legacy.  Are they the best ever at their respective positions.  We compared them to Chuck Knoll and Joe Montana. We agree that a very strong case can be made for calling them the best, especially Belichick as he didn’t just have one system but he found different ways to win a game.
  • Segment 5: We get into a new feature called Pop’s Rant.  Dario is upset about the recent CRTC ruling stating that in 2017 American channels could air the American commercials.  This was 20 years too late as through the Internet you find these commercials now.  What the CRTC ruling will do is harm Canadian broadcasting and they are quite out of touch with what is really necessary for Canadians.
  • Segment 6: We end the show mentioning that Tom Brady won a Ford truck for being MVP and Tom decided to give it to Malclm Butler.  We then dedicate the song “I believe I can fly” from Butler to New England.