Sports from the 6ix – episode 1

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Sports from the 6ix – episode 1

Sports from the 6ix aims to entertain and educate Toronto sports fans on all the happenings and current events in the sports world. Featuring Sports Journalism students Alykhan Ravjiani, Duane Turner and Flip Livingstone, the show is your weekly fix of the hottest headlines and provides insight into the industry’s biggest events.

Episode breakdown:

  • Segment 1: We start off the podcast breaking-in the show, giving a detailing introduction of co-hosts Alykhan Ravjiani, Duane Turner and Filipo Livingstone. The co-hosts talk about how they built up their love of the game and the teams as well as athletes that they grew up watching.
  • Segment 2: The second part of the show talks about NBA All-star weekend; discussing the three point competition, dunk competition and the snubs for this year’s game. The panel goes on to predict winners and darkhorses for the competition.
  • Segment 3: Specific focus shifts to Zach Randolph, one of the most underrated players on Western power house Memphis Grizzlies. The Grizzlies addition of Jeff Green and the difficulty of Memphis past playoff rounds gets debated by the roundtable.
  • Segment 4: A discussion on the current top team in the West, The Golden State Warriors and the potential that they could face Oklahoma City or San Antonio in round one of the NBA playoffs. The damage that Russell Westbrook and Kevin Durant could have on a team in the first round also comes into the conversation.
  • Segment 5: A talk on Anthony Davis and his ascension into the NBA’s elite players. Duane Turner and Alykhan Ravjiani talk about Davis potentially being the best player in the league and the Pelicans push for the playoffs, as well as the long term outlook on the team.
  • Segment 6: Focus moves onto Toronto and the rise and representation of Kyle Lowry as a starter at the all-star game, joining a short list of other Raptor favourites. The impact and pride of Lowry on the country and the growth of the team heading towards the playoffs is also debated.Segment 7: Talking about the Atlanta Hawks and their all-star representation, the team’s recent run of success climbing to the top of the Eastern conference and the historic season of sharpshooter Kyle Korver. We close the show on a note about Brandon Knight and the mixture of talent and coaching from the young but dangerously improving Milwaukee Bucks.​