POPnJOE Podcast – episode 9

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POPnJOE Podcast – episode 9

The Franchise, Joe Narsa, is absent and taking over, or at least trying too, is Alex Lee as he fills in as guest host.

Episode breakdown:

Segment 1:
Mike Babcock has just been signed as the new coach of the Toronto Maple Leafs and it should be good news for everyone, but this has Pop concerned. He does agree that it is a positive step forward for the Leafs but fears that fans and media might not have the required patience to go through a proper rebuild as Brendan Shanahan had stated. Pop and Alex break down the signing and see what is in store for the Leafs over the next couple of years.

Segment 2:
From one hesitation into another. The Toronto Argonauts announced new ownership and a new home at BMO field. Pop, not the best fan of the Canadian Football League, is a little upset that they are moving into BMO field and ruining what the TFC have created. The field will not be good for soccer and changes to the stadium will ruin the wonderful cozy atmosphere that is there. Alex and Pop speak of the move and the current fan bases between both teams.

Segment 3:
Harden can’t even get the shot off at the end of game 2 of the Western Conference Final and Pop speaks of how much he hates Dwight Howard and James Harden even though he doesn’t know why he hates Harden, he just does. We discuss the Rockets as an organization and talk about the hills they climbed to get where they are but that it should end there.

Segment 4:
We finally end on a positive note as we discuss Steph Curry and the amazing year and playoffs he is having and how great for basketball it would be if Golden State Warrior win the championship as they play basketball the right way and it is very, very entertaining.

Get ready for our next episode as it will be a special — and we mean SPECIAL — show as we have… the POPnJOE Reunion show!