Between the Trenches – episode 2

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Between the Trenches – episode 2

Between the Trenches looks to provide an entertaining and informative look on the National Football League. Hosts Duane Turner and Mitch Sanderson provide insight on the latest news in the NFL and offer previews and analysis on all the teams that make up the biggest sport in North America.

Episode 2 breakdown – The NFC West

Segment 1: Duane leads the talk on the rising Rams who have made some big moves this offseason. What will the Nick Foles era in St Louis look like? Does Jeff Fischer have the best defensive line in football? We let you know how the 2014 NFC West losers will do this season.

Segment 2: San Francisco has had a troublesome offseason and they’ve said goodbye to many of the faces that have shaped the modern 49ers. How far can new coach Jim Tomsula and big money quarterback Colin Kaepernick take this depleted team? We let you know just how foggy the bay area will be in 2015.

Segment 3: Bruce Arians lead the Cardinals to an amazing no-excuses 2014 playoff season with third string quarterbacks, runningbacks, linebackers, and lineman. He’s lost his star defensive coordinator Todd Bowles to the Jets, but the possibilities of a healthy 2015 Cardinals team are through the roof.

Segment 4: The defending division and conference champions are looking to repeat and they’re going to look good doing it. The Seahawks added Jimmy Graham and a whole new dimension to their offence this offseason along with the biggest chip you could metaphorically fit on a person’s shoulder. We have high hopes for Seattle this season and there’s really no reason not to.


Tune in next time for our look at the NFC South!