As The Heel Turns – episode 6

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As The Heel Turns – episode 6

A tribute to Dusty Rhodes followed by a lengthy discussion of WWE Money in the Bank and Monday Night RAW (and a tribute to Machine Gun Kelly). Connor, Dario, and Alex battle against the burnout of three special events in the span of six weeks.

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And follow Josh Alexander @Walking_Weapon and check out any of his upcoming appearances leading up to his retirement match on July 12 for Alpha-1 Wrestling at 222 Queenston Rd. in Hamilton, Ontario.

Please check out Josh’s blog to hear his story.

Thank you, Josh.

Episode 6 breakdown

Segment 1:
The crew muses about the appeal of “The American Dream” Dusty Rhodes and how influential he was to the modern product and some of our favourite performers. We listen to his “Hard Times” promo in its entirety to fully appreciate why it is arguably the greatest wrestling promo of all time.

Segment 2:
A top-to-bottom look at Money in the Bank. Despite a decent showing, we find ourselves struggling to be positive about several aspects of the event including the eponymous opener and the main event. More praise is heaped upon John Cena and Kevin Owens and we offer some quick (and dissenting) thoughts on the midcard features including Paige, Big Show, and the New Day.

Also: why did Sheamus win the Money in the Bank briefcase?

Segment 3:
A brief look at Monday Night RAW, in particular the destruction of musical guest Machine Gun Kelly and the return of Brock Lesnar.

Dario updates us on the status of Canadian independent wrestler Josh Alexander.

We close with a look back at a hit song by the short lived pro wrestling country group, The West Texas Rednecks.