As The Heel Turns – episode 8

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As The Heel Turns – episode 8

Un episode de ATHT sans “Le Plus Belle Homme Dans le Monde de la Lutte Professionelle des Podcasts” Connor Dorion! Mon dieu!

But have no fear, Pop and Big Al are in the booth joined by two special guests: Alex and JP Passarelli! Shout out to the Reality Check podcast as we cover WWE Tough Enough, check in on the youth of today, and dish out some RAW thoughts including what might have been the worst babyface segment (or best heel segment?) of the year.

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Episode 8 breakdown

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Segment 1:
With Connor gone, it falls on Pop and Alex to review the second episode of WWE Tough Enough. There are way too many cooks on the show and the cast is terrible, but other than that we have a great time watching the show. Or at least we have a great time picking apart the ridiculous challenges, the overly scripted “drama”, and the flawed voting system.

Segment 2:
“Little Al” steps into the booth to share stories from his lifetime of wrestling fandom. We ask him what he liked about wrestling, why he doesn’t watch as much anymore, and what would bring him back into the fold. After hearing the somewhat disturbing answers, Big Al considers contacting a child psychiatrist. We talk about the Smash Wrestling show we all went to together, particularly the brutal intermission entertainment.

Segment 3:
We recap an excellent edition of RAW, including praise for Rollins’ much improved mic skills, the J&J Security Cadillac, Alicia Fox (aka the best Bella Twin), segment transition, and a superb Cesaro/John Cena match (with Kevin Owens at the announce desk). What is Cesaro’s ceiling as a WWE superstar? Quick hits and then some Rusev/Lana talk, because we never talk about those two. Pop gets Alex to acknowledge that he was…not mistaken about where that storyline was headed. JP takes us out!