As The Heel Turns – episode 26

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As The Heel Turns – episode 26

Pop and Big Al recap WWE’s recent Payback event in one of our most positive episodes yet! We get Pop’s thoughts on some burning questions stemming from Monday Night RAW and try to make heads or tails of Ryback’s controversial comments.

Also, we look ahead to Extreme Rules aka Payback 2: The Paybackening.

Episode 26 breakdown

  • WWE Payback rundown: Did AJ Styles deliver in his first big main event match? What was the match of the night? What is the status of Enzo Amore after an injury scare in the opening match? And what can we make of some of the company’s eyebrow-raising booking decisions?
  • We marvel over the continued excellence of Kevin Owens.
  • What is Chris Jericho’s role in the WWE’s new era?
  • We protest yet another unnecessary evocation of the infamous “Montreal Screwjob”.
  • Big Al has questions, Pop has the answers: New Day overexposure? Big Cass’ potential? What is the purpose of “Golden Truth” storyline? And is it time for Rusev to be back in the spotlight?
  • A big discussion revolving around Ryback’s recent statements criticizing WWE’s handling of talent and what that means for wrestlers in general.
  • Bonus round: Will Finn Balor debut on RAW soon and will he rejoin his former “Bullet Club” buddies?

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And people, learn how to count revolutions during the Cesaro Swing!