As The Heel Turns – episode 27

As the Heel Turns

As The Heel Turns – episode 27

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It’s a new new era in the WWE as the brands have been split up and the superstars have been reassigned, and you better believe that Pop and Big Al have something to say about it.

Thoughts on the draft, the WWE Battleground PPV, and this week’s RAW, not to mention a shout-out to one of our favourite Smash Wrestling performers.

Episode 27 breakdown

  • How did we get to the point where the WWE decided to split up their roster and reboot their programming?
  • Pop and Big Al review the draft, including who they would have picked #1 overall for each show (you won’t believe Big Al’s choice!)
  • The usual amount of time is dedicated to ATHT favourites Rusev and Lana. Are the other couples in the WWE being punished for their recent mistakes?
  • We address what’s up with Brock Lesnar in the wake of his recent drug test failure and what he means to the WWE product
  • Pop is not a fan of the RAW title being called the “WWE Universal Championship”
  • Is it too much too soon for Finn Balor? Or is the timing just right for him to shine? And who gets left behind when these new stars are spotlighted?
  • We take a moment to appreciate Enzo and Big Cass and wonder if they’ll head down the same road as so many other famous tag teams
  • The women of the WWE are scattered across three programs now. Is there enough talent for each division to properly thrive?
  • We praise the return of the classic squash match
  • Big Al channels his inner curmudgeon and complains about the overload of finishing moves in today’s main event style matches. Also: ROMAN REIGNS IS NOT DOING A RAZOR’S EDGE, MICHAEL COLE!
  • Congratulations to new WWE Women’s Champion Sasha Banks, but what is her character exactly?
  • Wait, Dolph Ziggler is the No. 1 contender for the WWE World Championship?
  • Last, but not least, we bid a fond farewell to Mr. Wrestling Johnny Gargano who wrestled his last show for Smash Wrestling this past weekend. Best of luck to him as he moves on to the major leagues!

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Shout out to Katie Daubs (@kdaubs) for her excellent Toronto Star feature on Canadian independent wrestling staple Cody Deaner

And again, to Michael Cole, Roman Reigns is NOT going to do the Razor’s Edge!