The Journal – March 26, 2019

Today on The Journal we’re talking travel!

Welcome to The Journal, a show brought to you by the students of Centennial College’s Broadcasting Program. On this newsmagazine show, we tell a variety of stories that touch on a diverse range of topics.

This week:

  • Co-host Colin Walker eats some different foods from around the world.
  • One of the stories we have for you today teaches you how to pack a whole month into just one suitcase.
  • And then we pack our bags and go to London.
  • We come back to Toronto as a tourist and travel to Medieval Times and watch a show.
  • Then we travel to Centennial College’s Progress campus for the annual experiment where the emergency response programs and their professors work together to react to a mock disaster.

The Crew:

Hosts: Colin Walker, Sarah Gordon, Bosco da Costa
Interviewee: Valentina Villa
GFX: Krissy Myers
Switcher: Jason Weatherby
Prompter: Handrea Santos
Lighting: Valentina Villa
Audio: Abigail Trainer, Juan Conde Garcia
Cameras: Mauro de Souza, Antonio Dias, Bosco da Costa, Vivian Patruno, Shivang Thapar
Floor Director: Keisha Beattie
PA: Eilidh McDonald
Executive Producer: Jeannette Loackman
Producer: A Young Kim
Director: Julia Arruda