Novel Advice – Parents Hath Not The Understanding

Novel Advice Episode 2: “Parents Hath Not The Understanding with Juliet Capulet & Katniss Everdeen”

Do your parents have rules about dating? Are you allowed to go over to your crush’s house without permission? As a wise bard once said, “Parents hath not the understanding”. Juliet and Katniss are doing their best to help Jesaja answer his questions about dating and relationships. But it seems the odds may never be in his favour. 😘

Katniss Everdeen is from District 12. She is a tough survivalist with trust issues after competing in two hunger games and leading a revolution. She doesn’t see the point in dating anyone who can’t provide a person with their basic needs. Food✔️ Water✔️ Shelter✔️

Juliet Capulet is from fair Verona. She believes in love at first sight. If you should be so lucky as to find anyone as perfect as her dear Romeo, you must fight for them no matter what. Juliet is eager to share her epic love story with anyone willing to listen.

Novel Advice is a literary-inspired series that features fictional characters giving teens advice on life’s biggest mysteries: love and dating, popularity, friendship, confidence and following your dreams. Classic literary characters get to interact with their 21st century audiences IRL via the magic of the internet. Will they decide to take the advice or close the book for good? aka (DNF-zoned!)

Novel Advice does not own Katniss Everdeen or the Hunger Games.