The Journal – March 27, 2019

This week on The Journal we take a look at what drives people in their lives as well as some more controversial content, including sex work and stories after dark.

The Crew:

Executive Producers: Barry Duller and Dorlene Lin
Director: Aidan Popiel
Producer: Robb De Rushe
Assistant Producer: Riangelo Melaria
Writer: Brandon Gordon
Social Media Producer: Ricky Chiu
Prod. Asst/AD: Brandon Gordon
Technical Director: Josh Grundy
CG/Graphics and server PO: Levan Graham
CCU/Lighting: Riangelo Melaria
Audio: Seth Potts
Audio Assistant: Ricky Chiu
Prompter: Andrew Gilloch
Floor Manager: Jarren Kerr
Camera Operators: Inho Kang, Bianca Mattison, Bryan Ramgoolam , Michael Parboodyal
Hosts: Ross Barnes- Brisley and Haley Alaggia
TVA: Ashley Fleischer