The Journal – April 1, 2019

In this episode of The Journal we’re “runnin’ through the 6”, exploring the diverse music scene in Toronto.

We take a closer look at the local Toronto music scene through the band The Nursery.

Music can do so much more than just entertain. We explore how a local DJ is trying to build an entire community through his sick beats.

We explore one man’s big love for vinyl records and see just how they have impacted the music industry.

We meet a piano tuner who gives us the rundown on just how difficult it can be to tune a piano.

Samba is a dance style popular in Brazil. We take a look at how one man fell in love with the Samba beat.

And finally, we have a musical performance from one of our own performers from Centennial College’s Music Industry Arts and Performance Program.

The Crew:

Executive Producers: Jeanette Loakman and David Bradshaw
Director: Valentina Villa
Producer: Sarah Gordon
Assistant Producer: Keisha Beattie
Writer: Colin Walker
Production Manager: Handrea Santos
Hosts: Jason Weatherby, Keisha Beattie, and Antonio Dias
Technical Director: Bosco de Costa
Production Assistant: Julia Arruda
Prompter: Sarah Gordon
Graphics Coordinator: Handrea Santos
Audio Engineers: Eilidh Mcdonald and Colin Walker
Floor Manager: Krissy Meyers
Camera Operators: Abigail Trainer, A Young Kim, Mauro de Souza, and Shivang Thapar
Lighting: Juan Conde