The Journal – April 3, 2019

On this episode of The Journal our two hosts cover stories including local pizza prices, a woman discussing ethical veganism, the benefits of powerlifting, a visual effects artist, a gender transitioning teen, and a mock disaster, ending with a performance from singer Cameron Penny.

Riangelo’s Favourites: Pizza Edition has Centennial students Jarren and Ricky reviewing three different local pizza restaurants in the west end of Toronto.
– Director/Producer/Editor/Camera: Riangelo Melaria

Ethical Vegan is a profile of Andrea Frenke, an ethical vegan who is using social media to inspire others to become vegan and live healthier lives.
– Director/Producer/Editor: Bianca Mattison
– Camera: Ricky Chiu

Where Titans Gather is about a lawyer named James Damaskinos, who discovers his ambition for powerlifting. He discusses how he got into the exercise and his current job at a gym in Kitchener and where he is currently standing with his lifting.
– Director/Producer/Camera/Editor: Aidan Popiel
– Second Camera: Michael Parboodyal

Cam Sharpe
– Producer/Director/Camera/Editor: Levan Graham
– Assistant: Ross Barnes-Brisley

Robin is the story of 20 year old Robin Kadirgamar who started off his younger years as Rachel. He talks about his struggles with body image and how he came to realize he was transgender and what the process of transitioning meant to him.
– Director/Producer/Editor: Haley Alaggia
– Director of Photography: Bryan Ramgoolam

The Mock Disaster documentary covers the annual event held by Centennial College. It lets students in the paramedic, firefighting, and police programs get a taste of real-world action.
– Producer/Director: Jarren Kerr
– Camera/Editor: Bryan Ramgoolam
– Camera: Jason Weatherby, Bosco Da Costa

The Crew:

Senior Producer: Haley Alaggia
Director: Bryan Ramgoolam
Live/Packaging Producer: Levan Graham
Writer: Ross Barnes-Brisley
Social Media Producer: Bianca Mattison
Production Assistant/AD: Levan Graham
Tech Director: Seth Potts
CG/Graphics: Robb De Rushe
CCU/Lighting: Inho Kang
Audio Board: Michael Parboodyal
Audio Assistant: Bianca Mattison
Prompter: Ashley Fleischer
Floor Manager: Brandon Gordon
Cam 1: Riangelo Melaria
Cam 2: Andrew Gilloch
Cam 3: Ricky Chiu
Cam 4: Jarren Kerr
Host 1: Aidan Popiel
Host 2: Josh Grundy
TVA: Ross Barnes-Brisley