Liane meets a new friend and reports to Zorg, her supervisor from her home planet.

In the series premiere, we meet Liane, a 13-year-old girl who’s just finished her first day at Smithfield Junior High School. Liane isn’t from around here. In fact, she’s not even from this galaxy! Liane’s intergalactic supervisor, Zorg, checks in on her progress in her study of the human species, and Liane has lots to report. Including meeting what looks to be her first friend, and discovering that phase that all children go through in their early teenage years: Puberty! Being a 13-year-old human girl on earth is going to be much more complicated than Liane and Zorg could have guessed, requiring a whole new journal of Liane’s discoveries: The Alien Puberty Project.


  • Erica Gellert as Liane
  • Rebecca Payne as Zorg
  • Kyah Green as Novi
  • Written by John Curtis
  • Produced and Directed by Molison Farmer
  • Audio Recordist and Directors of Photography Ally Cantalini & Danielle Fahey
  • Production Designer Ally Cantalini
  • Created by Danielle Fahey, Molison Farmer, and Nicole Honderich
  • Illustrations by Mirka Loiselle
  • Music Supervision by Kadeem Morgan, Arturo Rojas, and Christopher Tavas
  • Production Assistants: Jaylin Chan, Alex Kolanko, Helen Sianos

Created as a part of the Centennial College Children’s Media program