rogo | story 2 | What Scares You?

We hope everyone is able to find moments of peace during these hard times. In our second story, our real life influencers tell us what scares them – from what grosses them out to their greatest fears.

rogo: [verb] to ask
We ask because we love authentic storytelling.

rogo is a new, unscripted, interactive web series where we talk to real people about real topics. We want to hear about people’s thoughts and perspectives, but also how they may change over time. We’ve talked to a lot of kids and adults about an assortment of intimate and contemporary topics. Our goal here is to share stories. This is a show for people who are interested in people.

The rogo TEAM

  • Nicole Honderich
  • Brett Haynes
  • Tash De Zilva
  • Quinn Doherty
  • Kevin Andersen

A shout out to our real life INFLUENCERS

  • Adesola Adesinaa
  • Darianne Breault
  • Holly Jade Balmer
  • Jessica Bowmer
  • Jolene Small
  • Mauran Thayalan
  • Nikoletta Erdélyi
  • Nesta Lacroix
  • Santino Estay
  • Sarah Abtan
  • Shanice Bowrin
  • Siobhan Juniku
  • Sofia Hernandez-Lindo
  • Stephen Kirkwin
  • Sugandha Gupta
  • Summer Juniku
  • Veena Yamano
  • Vineciah Mcfarlane
  • Thank you for sharing your stories.

And a big thanks to all our participants for coming out.

We also love MUSIC

  • “Upbeat Drums” | WaveToys
  • All music tracks used in rogo are licensed or permissions are otherwise granted

Thank you for the additional help on set

  • Jasmine Choi
  • Fai Hassan
  • Meg Mackay
  • Tasha Perera
  • And a special THANK YOU to Helen Sianos for your mentorship and for coming on set.

Filmed on location at Centennial College’s Story Arts Centre in Toronto, CANADA.

Children’s Media Program, 2020