FIY: Fashion It Yourself – Episode 2: How To Make a Decoupage Mason Jar

The second episode of FIY: Fashion It Yourself. On today’s episode Dylan, April’s older brother, will be taking over the show and creating a decoupage Mason Jar out of old comics! Here is a step by step on how to make it and other home decor ideas out of decoupage!

Starring: Kevin Andersen as Dylan

Created by: Daryl Wallbank
Directed by Jaylin Chan & Gilhiesa Smith
Executive Producer: Daryl Wallbank
Director of Photography: Gilhiesa Smith
Edited by: Jaylin Chan

Producer: Jaylin Chan
Lighting: Alexis Chronis

Audio: Jaylin Chan
Production Assistant: Alexis Chronis

Music Supervisors:
Yen Pham
Hong Hnu Nguyen
Zoe Romero