The Journal – 2020 Thursday Show 1

The first documentary in this episode of The Journal is about The Toronto Tea Festival, a great event for families and individuals of all ages. In this video, three individuals representing different types of tea and/or from different places around the world share their stories and take on the Toronto Tea Festival and tea itself.

We have one personal documentary about an up and coming Russian young model who is trying to get into the industry.
Another documentary is about Canadian Beauty College, which is a college that lets students study skin care, hairstyling, and more.

The last documentary is about Terra Lumina. Terra Lumina is a light show which is the eleventh unique experience created in Moment Factory’s Lumina night walk series. After nightfall at the Toronto Zoo, you are invited to pursue an immersive experience along a 1.5 km walking path that travels into the future and back.

The Journal is a lifestyle and newsmagazine show produced by Broadcasting students from Centennial College. The Journal 2020 series was filmed during the winter and completed during the COVID-19 crisis in April.