The Journal – 2020 Thursday Show 2

In this episode of The Journal, the producers decided to tackle the art, culinary, and culture scenes in the diverse city of Toronto. Show segments on places in the city, people of interest, and events help to deliver a varied and colourful tapestry of content.

“Kensington” is a perfect start to showcase one of the many diverse neighbourhoods that the city offers. Through Osrick’s creative choices we are able to get an in-depth view from a shop owner who has been there to see Kensington grow and change.

“Model Citizen” connects the audience with the personal story of Indian-Canadian model Cecilia, who shares some of the barriers associated with modelling. A diverse citizen of the city showing off why she is good at her craft, despite the issues.

Followed up by an African Drum workshop that was put on at Malvern Public Library in celebration of black history month. Jean Assamoa is an ambassador for African culture in North America and was all too willing to let our team highlight what he does best in our show.

Next is “Steady’s”, a piece about a Jamaican restaurant in the heart of Greektown. A culinary clash that makes you wonder how one would stay in business so far out of their lane. All those questions and more are answered through Shamar’s narrative journey.

Finally we have the Toronto Lightfest, a beautiful outdoor display of art to light up the cold winter nights. Put on at the Distillery District, the warmth was enough to bring out our production team to capture the sights and sounds of the event.

The Journal is a lifestyle and newsmagazine show produced by Broadcasting students from Centennial College. The Journal 2020 series was filmed during the winter and completed during the COVID-19 crisis in April.