Episode 3: Crush

Liane and her best “earth friend”, Novi, are reading Romeo and Juliet together for their English class. Suddenly, Liane begins to develop some strange feelings, sweaty palms, flushed cheeks, and an uncomfortable sensation in her stomach. What’s more, these feelings only intensify when she looks into Novi’s eyes! What can this mean?


  • Erica Gellert as Liane
  • Kyah Green as Novi
  • Written by Danielle Fahey
  • Produced and Directed by Molison Farmer
  • Assistant to the Director: John Curtis
  • Audio Recordist and Directors of Photography Ally Cantalini & Danielle Fahey
  • Production Designer Ally Cantalini
  • Script Supervisor: John Curtis
  • Created by Danielle Fahey, Molison Farmer, and Nicole Honderich
  • Illustrations by Mirka Loiselle –
  • Music Supervision by Kadeem Morgan, Arturo Rojas, and Christopher Tavas
  • Production Assistants: Jaylin Chan, Alex Kolanko, Helen Sianos

Created as a part of the Centennial College Children’s Media program