The Journal – April 7, 2022

This week, The Journal sets its eye on two themes: the first half of the show encourages you to follow your passions, and the second half explores how the COVID-19 pandemic has made lasting changes – with an interlude of stand-up comedy.

Hayley and Alejandro host. They take us through four short documentaries.

First is Alejandro’s documentary about a young Mexican girl moving to Toronto to pursue her dream of becoming an architect.

Next is Darina’s documentary about a girl following her dream of becoming a coder in largely male dominated field.

The Journal then gets a visit from local comedian Will P-Amaral, who delivers some laughs and good times.

The performance is followed up by Ashley’s documentary about a guy who is always chipper and cheery, and managed to stay consistently positive even throughout the pandemic.

The last of the personal documentaries takes up the lacking cycling infrastructure in Toronto and how the pandemic thrust ahead the City’s plan to add much needed bike paths throughout the city.

Lastly, students from Centennial College and from Portsmouth University in the UK go for A Walk Together while they explore nature reserves in their respective cities.


Senior Show Producer: Rasmus Groth

Director: Hedy Läets

Writer: Ashley Marciano

Live Producer: Alejandro Ruiz Birke

Associate Producer: Panayiota Markou

Hosts: Hayley Manship, Alejandro Ruiz Birke

Technical Director: Darina Kucheruk

Assistant Director: Ashley Marciano

Graphics: Darina Kucheruk

Audio: Kyle Hornilla, Jess Carreiro

Prompter: Rasmus Groth

Floor Manager: Panayiota Markou

Special Thanks to Will P-Amaral

Executive Producer: Jeannette Loakman

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  • Directed and produced: Alejandro Ruiz Birke
  • With Arantza Arriola


  • Directed and produced: Darina Kucheruk
  • With Jane Glazycheva


  • Directed and produced: Ashley Marciano
  • With Alfonso Manalo


  • Directed and produced: Rasmus Groth
  • With Emma Vredenburg

The Journal is a show that airs annually, where broadcasting students from generation to generation are able to showcase a compilation of their best documentary films. With each year brings a new set of talented students, who share the same creative desire to become masters in the art of filmmaking.

The Journal is 30 minutes of live television, written, produced and performed solely by students in their fourth semester of Centennial College’s Broadcasting program which covers Film, Television, Radio & Digital Media. Students are placed in a real TV studio, equipped with state-of-the-art cameras and high-performance lighting. The show occurs in real time, as students intensely prepare for the big day to simulate Live Television and experience troubleshooting during high-pressure situations.