KITEworks Volume 3: Reimagine

The 2022/23 edition of KITEworks magazine is the third produced for the University Health Network’s KITE Research Institute by students in the Centennial College Professional Writing – Communications program during their Storyworks course. Photography program students also contributed.

“The stories in volume 3 of KITEworks magazine illustrate just a few of the ways KITE demonstrates what’s possible through collaboration and dedication,” magazine project managers Kyle Woolsey and Lesley Fullerton write. “The featured scientists, top in their fields, devote their lives to improving the quality of ours. It’s a privilege to tell their stories.

Project Managers 

  • Kyle Woolsey 
  • Lesley Fullerton 


  • Kyle Woolsey 
  • Lesley Fullerton 
  • Tabitha Caswell 
  • Paul Love 
  • Janna Frith 
  • Sabrina Ramroop 
  • Jacob Lasby 
  • Maira Kabli 
  • Kristen Charles-Vardon 
  • Nadine Ford 


  • Shan Gibson 
  • Sierra Van Arragon 
  • Joshleen Marmol 


  • Connie Perez 
  • Nadya Prabudi 
  • Ranjeeta Dutta 
  • Kenzie Pascoe 


  • Sara Delves 
  • Luis Carrillo 
  • Behdad Nalti 
  • Bita Sazegara 
  • Joseline Antonella Tucunango Almeida 
  • Joseph Marranca, professor

Centennial Professors 

  • Philip Alves 
  • Tobi Asmoucha 
  • Jennifer Mcllroy 

KITE Leadership 

  • Anthony Palma 
  • Janitha Shanmugarajan 
  • Jarett Churchill 
  • Michael Grace-Dacosta 

Featured Scientists 

  • Dr. Julio Furlan 
  • Dr. Sherry Grace 
  • Dr. Tracey Colella 
  • Dr. Yana Yunasova 
  • Dr. Susan Marzolini 
  • Dr. Kei Masani 
  • Dr. Kristin Musselman 
  • Dr. Jose Zariffa 
  • Dr. Angela Colantonio 
  • Dr. Darlene Reid 

Fine Arts Student 

  • Rehana Yesmin