Best Photo: News – 1st Place

Octavian Lacatusu, photographer

Peter and Christine Webster, and their dog Molly

About the photo:

Peter and Christine Webster huddle for warmth along with their dog Molly as they watch the colourful floats go by at the Uxbridge Santa Claus Parade.

About Octavian Lacatusu:

I was born on Oct. 1, 1988 in Romania. In 1998, at the age of 9, my parents and I moved to Toronto.

In Grade 7, I became part of the school band where I got the chance to play my first musical instrument, the trumpet.

In Grade 11, I started to like law enforcement and was aspiring to become a police officer. Having been an automotive enthusiast ever since I could hold a toy car in my hand, I always wondered what it would be to become an auto mechanic/engineer.

But despite my original interests in police and automotive, I’ve always gravitated towards my creative side. Through writing and taking pictures, I’m able to express what I feel.

In 2009 I joined the journalism program at Centennial College, which began to improve my writing and communication abilities.

Taking a real liking to photography, the way to express a thought or a feeling has become easier for me, as I’m not limited to just writing the stories — I can give them more colour and emotion through pictures and imagery.

My passion for cars lives on, and through photography, I aim to show that it’s not just about the cars — it’s also about the places they take us to.

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