Best Photo: Open – 1st Place

Mersiha Gadzo, photographer

Mersiha Gadzo, photographer

About Mersiha Gadzo:

I’m Mersiha Gadzo, and I’m a third year student at U of T, specializing in journalism and majoring in French.

Photography is a hobby that I truly enjoy and I hope it will be a part of my profession one day.

Even though my number 1 goal is to become a broadcast journalist, my photography will definitely be a part of my coverage of world affairs and international politics. I hope I can take photos that will tell the stories of ordinary people who are being affected.

An ideal event that I would love to cover in the future would be mass protests and revolutions, such as the recent ones in North Africa. It’s in powerful moments like these that a nation’s true character is shown, so I truly hope that I will be able to experience these kinds of life-changing events and to show them in my photography.

For now, however, I will have to stick to my life here in Toronto and try to make the best photos that I possibly can while improving my technique.

The photos I submitted to the 2011 Photo Contest were taken as part of my photography class last semester, when we were experimenting with the effects of blurring.

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